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17 Apr

THANK YOU video for our MIP heroes

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As everyone continues to self-isolate and stay at home in hopes of flattening the curve to help healthcare workers and hospitals better cope with the stress COVID19 has caused or could continue to cause around the world, there are those within the community that must still risk their health to help those on the front lines: Food suppliers, grocery store employees, delivery workers of all kind, commercial laundry workers and healthcare supply manufacturing teams. (and other essential services employees)

As MIP continues to help do its part in supplying healthcare workers and facilities with reusable textiles, we'd like to thank our incredible MIP heroes, our manufacturing teams, packing and shipping teams from around the world that are working tirelessly to produce these much needed supplies and are putting the needs of the healthcare community ahead of their own.

Here is a Video we'd like to share with them as a way to show our gratitude to them!




We couldn't be more proud and humbled by the incredible work, resilience and dedication that our employees have show during these difficult, uncertain times. We are extremely grateful to be able to help as best we can, support the brave healthcare workers, who continue to show all of us, what compassion and selflessness is all about. 

Let's keep working together, and doing our part by staying home, staying positive and staying united!

We will get through this!

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