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09 Nov

Top 5 Considerations When Choosing Bottom Sheets

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Sheets in the healthcare industry have come a long way with modern synthetics offering significant advantages at all levels, including the laundry and the end user (the patients).

It's important to remember that not all sheets are the same and when it comes to your laundry, we want you to get it right. Which is why we've made our TOP 5 THINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN SELECTING A BOTTOM SHEET, to make the decision process even easier. 

#1: Stretch
Healthcare mattresses continue to evolve, with different sizes and special features, some of them even grow. To ensure your sheets fit well on your customers’ support surfaces, look for sheets with high stretch. This will limit the number of different size sheets required and ensure they do not rip - reaching end of life prematurely.
#2 Stain Release
A leading reason that sheets reach end of life prematurely are unremovable stains and damage caused by harsh rewash chemicals. Look for sheets with good stain release properties to prevent premature ragout. 
#3 Pilling
Pilling happens when short broken fibers are tangled and create a ball. High pilling can lead to extra lint accumulation in your dryers, product weight loss and care recipient discomfort. Selecting a low pilling fabric will lead to less ragout and reduced linen replacement costs. 
#4 Abrasion Resistance 
Sheets with high abrasion resistance will help prevent holes and weaker areas on your sheet, subsequently increasing their life expectancy and help you to reduce your linen replacement costs. 
#5 Water Retention
Fabric with superior moisture management properties ensure less water moves from your washer to the dryer, improving your dry time and reducing energy costs. Choosing a sheet with low water retention will enhance energy efficiency.  
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