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21 Oct

Working together to solve PPE challenges with innovative solutions

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Finding innovative ways to improve on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) practices can be challenging, but for the Inter-Professional Team (IPT) at Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare (HDGH) in Windsor, Ontario, this was a challenge they gladly accepted. 
In order to understand their current situation, the IPT conducted a comprehensive audit, which revealed a number of issues, from the extreme hoarding of linen, to the lack of clarity regarding the purpose of the PPE storage carts among health care workers.
Once the team was able to clearly identify the challenges faced, they were able to generate a list of criteria for ideal PPE storage at point-of-care.  With the help of several vendors and suppliers, a new PPE storage system was created, tweaking existing innovative solutions, such as, placing and storing masks, gloves and protective gowns in key designated areas.  
One example, was a custom-made PPE gown storage caddy which hung outside each hospital room, and with the implementation of this innovative solution, HDGH saw a 27% reduction in protective gown consumptiona cost savings of $24,706.91 per year.
Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare illustrates that collaboration, at all levels, brings forth great ideas and innovative solutions.  See the journey unfold in this wonderful poster provided by the Infection Prevention and Control department at HDGH
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