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05 Jun

MIP supports World environment day

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Happy World Environment Day!

World Environment Day (WED) is the most renowned day for environmental action.  With over 100 countries celebrating worldwide each year on June 5th, WED helps engage governments, businesses, and citizens to focus their efforts on a pressing environmental issue

At MIP, believe in the preservation and conservation of the environment, by creating products and solutions in the healthcare industry that mirror green initiatives and sustainability.   Since 1977, we have been producing reusable textile options that help reduce natural resource energy, greenhouse gas emissions, and water consumption

Here are a few examples of some of our reusable products that honor our beliefs.


  1. Reusable Isolation Gown

With the COVID-19 pandemic still looming, isolation gowns have become the second most used item in the healthcare industry.  Healthcare professionals are looking at reusable options more and more to satisfy their needs.

According to a report conducted by the American Reusable Textile Association (ARTA), reusable options not only provide protection and comfort, but they also help reduce medical waste by 80% and reduce costs as much as 25% to 50% in comparison to disposables.



  1. Fusion Patient Care Underpads

One of the misconceptions involving reusable underpads is that they use a lot of water during the laundering process, and because of that thinking, many believe that the impact on the environment, is either the same or greater than disposables.

The fact of the matter is, reusable underpads' laundry activities, create 75% less water than the pre-chain materials used to manufacture disposable products.  

To learn about the life-cycle comparison, check out the Eco-Efficiency Bed Pad White Paper for more information. 


  1. TruBliss Pillows

Recycling plastic bottles can help reduce pollution, conserve energy, and protect the environment.

It allows plastic goods to get a new life-cycle, keep them out of landfills, and encourages businesses to develop new and innovative products.

Did you know we recuperate approximately 30 – 45 plastic bottles when producing one of our pillows?

To learn more on how our TruBliss pillows are made, and to receive a free info-graphic, please click below for more detailsTRUBLISS RECYCLING PROCESS

Happy World Environment Day!

From all of us at MIP Inc.

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