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24 Nov

Did You Know? - We offer more than just sheets and pads!

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For more than 40 years, we've been committed to helping the healthcare industry provide comfort and security to caregivers and care recipients. From our humble beginnings, offering one of the first reusable incontinence briefs, to supplying over 1200 reusable healthcare textiles and related products, we make sure our clients receive the products they need, where and when they need them.

Although we may not be a household name, some of our products have become dependable staples in hospitals, care homes and care facilities across the country. Our UltraKnit Optimum bedsheets with envelope design and our Fusion , thin profile, absorbent patient care underpads continue to provide optimal care, comfort and security for care recipients nationally and globally. But we're more than just a 2 trick pony. We supply a wide range of innovative, cost-effective healthcare textile solutions, that not only provide care, environmental and operational benefits, but also support caregivers and care recipients throughout the entire continuum of care.

  • Did you know that MIP is a leader in repositioning solutions with its award winning Swift System?
  • Did you know that MIP is LSAS Level 4 Certified, certifying that our products are sourced and manufactured ethically?
To find out more about who we are and what we do, watch this video:


When it comes to health, no detail is too small. Because we understand that the way a person feels can dictate the way in which they heal. And that healthcare is about more than operations and prescriptions. It’s also about providing dignity and compassion.

If you are looking for infection prevention textile solutions or cost-effective linen handling systems, or simply some bed-making advice or best practices, we've got you covered.


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