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19 Mar


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Dear customer,

These are unprecedented times. The novel corona virus COVID-19 has, within a few days, changed how we interact with other people and operate as a business. You, our customer, are a critical part in the fight against the virus and we at MIP see it as our duty to support you in those efforts while at the same time protecting our employees against the virus as well as we can.

Until the situation stabilises, we are redirecting all our resources to the following activities:

Sales team: Many of our customers have asked suppliers not to visit and we will of course respect this. Instead our staff is working remotely reaching out to customers via phone to see if we can support in any way.

Customer service: We are working on setting our customer service team up to work remotely and should have this in place by next week. For now, we have procedures in place to minimise risk of infection among the customer service team members. Please continue placing your orders through the usual channels you have followed in the past.

Purchasing: Our purchasing team is working around the clock to stay in contact with our suppliers worldwide, placing orders and securing that deliveries and shipments happen in a timely fashion. Our inventory levels are under pressure for some items: although we have placed additional orders with our suppliers, we are asking our customers to only buy what they need to ensure there is enough for everyone.

Manufacturing: Currently all our manufacturing facilities are fully operational, and we have continuous supply at this stage from our own suppliers and partner organisations, so therefore we are producing and shipping according to plan.

Logistics and warehousing: Our team is tracking all incoming containers and making sure that we receive goods without unnecessary delay. They are also working hard to ship all orders in full and on time. In addition, our logistics team is in daily contact with each of the 3rd party warehouses that we have across the UK to secure that MIP products are received, and orders are shipped on time.

Dear customer, I want to finish this note by thanking you for your efforts in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Please rest assured that we are there to support you in any way that we can.




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